Top 3 Free Best Android / iOS Idle Games I’ve Ever Played

3 Android/iOS Idle Games You Need To Play in 2016

I’ve played countless idle games over the past couple of years and can tell a good game from a cookie clicker rip-off. During this period of time, I’ve become a huge fan of TopCog’s idle games for Android, and haven’t yet come across a game that beats them. Each of the following games are from the same developer, TopCog.

Let’s begin…

1.  Idle Loot Quest

Idle Loot Quest Android Idle Game

This game is fantastic considering its minimal design. Hours have passed by without me realising whilst playing Idle Loot Quest. It’s the perfect game for killing a bit of time. It offers constant satisfaction as you earn better equipment when you increase your stats (which then allows you to earn even better equipment and so on).

Description of game:

-Complete thousands of Quests as you continually find more powerful Gear!
-4 Skills to Train and boost your Questing Capabilities!
-Hire Associates to aid you on your journey!
-Collect Rare Loot such as Loot Keys, Treasure Piles, Whetstones, Potions, and more!
-Increase your MetaFame and compete on the Leaderboards!
-40 Achievements – can you unlock them all and become a Master Idle Loot Quester?

Download for Android
Download for iOS (iPhone App Store)

2. Idle Quest

Download Idle Quest Idle Game for Android for free

“Questing! It’s what we love, and it’s what we do. Begin by getting quests from townsfolk. Then, scurry to the designated questing location with the footgear of your choice. Once there, slay the needed monsters with a flip of your sword, and return to town. Charm the townsfolk with your magical amulet and collect massive piles of gold! Use your newfound loot to craft new gear, letting you tackle with ease the next challenging quest…★ Fight hundreds of zany enemies such as Rioting Centaurs and Double Parking Lawnmowers!”

★ Craft hundreds of exotic items such as Name Brand Snowglobes and Vorpal Katanas!
★ Over 40 achievements to unlock!
★ Compete with friends on the global leaderboards!
★ Grow your stats to values greater than 10 to the power 200!
★ Four skills to upgrade to improve your questing powers!
★ Continue your quests even when the game is closed!

Download for Android
Download for iOS (iPhone App Store)

3. Idle Mage Attack

Download Idle Mage Attack for androidI’ve only been playing this one for a short amount of time but I can tell already that it’s going to be another game feeding my addiction.

“An Idle Action-RPG like no other! Choose from 30 unique Spells for The Mage to cast such as Frost Lance, Shock Net, Ember, Icy Prism, Chain Lightning, and Inferno! Decimate tens of thousands of enemies of over 50 types, such as Iron Golems, Elven Arcanists, Ogre Maji, and Skeletal Horrors! Conduct Research, Level up your Spells, Enchant the Mage’s Staff, Collect Runes, Fill the Bestiary and Codex, Go on Raids, Forge New Spells, Visit Dark Portals, Open the Arcane Tower – and Defeat The Doomstone!-30 Unique spells!”

-Over 50 enemy types with unique abilities!
-Over 15 Research projects giving all kinds of boosts!
-Over 100 Rune types to collect and utilize!
-A Prestige system and a New Game Plus mode for the truly ambitious!
Download for Android

What are your favourite Android / iOS idle / clicker games?

I hope you enjoy these games – feel free to email me with any feedback. I am also looking for somebody who would like to help in their spare time to write reviews / other blog posts – get in touch 🙂

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