Idle Games For Beginners (Android, iOS, PC)

Idle Games For Beginners – Where To Begin

Never sit idly while the world passes you by – take a stand, take your mouse, and get clicking! Idle games are all about killing time with challenging activities that test your brain power while entertaining you with stories, characters, and themes. All of this in an accessible and easy to play browser format that you can run on any computer, or otherwise available on Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

Clicker games, idle games and incremental games all come under the same category. They can range from full RPG clicker games to very basic idlers. An idle game may have tons of clicky content and not a lot of idling or vice versa (lots of idling with a little bit of clicking/tapping). As you play more and more idle games you’ll be able to work out if you prefer idlers, clickers or a fair balance of both.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite beginner clicker games for you to try. There’s something for everyone in this list, so try them all out and see which one you like best. These are almost essential to your journey to becoming a master idle clicker (yeah, that’s a thing).


Have you ever wanted to play an RPG game, but never really liked the whole grindy, time-consuming aspect of them? Godville is an idle clicker RPG that lets you take the couch seat approach of gaming by watching over the lead protagonist and help them along their journey. The quality of writing is also pretty decent, considering it’s a free browser game that you don’t need a special computer or gaming console to play. You play God, but you aren’t single-handedly controlling the actors. You can also play it on your iPhone, so you don’t need to sit idle playing this game, you can walk and click at the same time.

Play Godville in your browser  |  Download on Google Play  | Download on iOS

Diamond Hunt

Don’t let the humble visuals fool you, this game is seriously addictive and intuitive. The premise is simple: mine for diamonds and mine them well. You’ll not only be building mining equipment, you’ll be providing the roofs over the heads of a small town. It’s a very satisfying incremental game that tests your management skills. Diamond Hunt is an active idle clicker, so to speak. You can’t have it automatically clicking for you while you’re working on something else on your browser. So, pay attention, mine those diamonds!

Play Diamond Hunt in your browser

Cookie Clicker

Probably one of the most famous idle games and responsible for lots of broken mice when it launched in 2014. This one is deceptively simple. You start out clicking casually, building cookie generating powers, unlocking achievements to make even more powerful cookie rewards, a few hours later you find yourself running some sort of diabolical cookie enterprise. Cookie Clicker is a very casual-friendly idle game, it’s definitely a great choice for beginners.

Play Cookie Clicker in your browser  |  Download similar Cookie Clickers for Android  |  Download similar Cookie Clickers for iOS

Sandcastle Builder

This is a critically acclaimed clicker game because it offers so much more depth than most other games. It isn’t an easy game, nor does it give fast rewards or feedback loops. Instead of simple clicking to generate rewards or high scores, this idle game tells a tale about two love birds building sandcastles on a beach. Easy enough, but the story quickly twists and turns into a complex tale that spans various eras in history. You must work long and hard to uncover more of the story and see how everything joins together. The storytelling is great in this game, it’s definitely not your average browser game. The artwork is also well done, so we highly recommend this one for both beginners and experienced idle game players.

Play Sandcastle Builder in your browser


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