Pixelhand – Android Clicker Game of 2016

Pixelhand v1.1 – An Incremental Game for Android

Android Idle Game Winner of 2016

Pixelhand logo - idle game of 2016 for android devices

Idle Game Description

Taken from the Google Play store and edited slightly

Pixelhand is a game in which you start as being homeless, collect some trash cans and work your way to becoming the richest person ever.

This idle game has a variety of things to take care of, such as hunger, thirst, sleep, workout, and also your BUSINESS! If you ever wanted to experience the joy of gambling, but you were afraid of losing money, you can do it in Pixelhand! Or maybe you wanted to save up some extra money? Well, there is a bank for that too! Customizing you character? Of course you can, also with an insanely huge amount of combinations!

There is so much more which I am not going to spoil for you – enjoy discovering it for yourself!

Summary of Features

  • Build your business kingdom!
  • Customize your character with variety of colors, items!
  • Take care of your health!
  • Make friends in game!
  • Upgrade skills!
  • Pixel graphics!
  • Much, much more!

What is Pixelhand? (author’s description)

Pixelhand is a clicker based mobile game, with the goal of simulating a rise of a poor character, from total zero to highest layers of social scale.

But that doesn’t say anything! What makes this game special from other games? Wait, wait, chill! Let me explain! At the start of the game, you begin as a total zero. Dirty clothing, totally broke and without any respect from others. However, you are tired of it! You want a change. You want TO change!

To start off, firstly you can collect some trash cans. If you are lucky, you will find more Pixoos, if not, less. However, you always find some! Wait, what are you talking about? Pixoos? Oh, that is the currency of Pixelhand, just like dollars, euros or pounds in real life!

However, if you are tired of collecting Pixoos from trash cans, you can pickpocket random passer-by’s on the street that are fully randomly generated! Richer looking ones (people with golden watches or briefcases for example) will have more Pixoos to pickpocket, so choose your victim wisely!

Okay, I am tired of stealing and collecting from dirty trash cans. What can I use Pixoos for? Oh, where do I begin? Probably the best route to take is by buying business. Once you collect some Pixoos, you are ready to get your first hot-dog stand! Businesses will (usually) make Pixoos for you.

Nice! But wait… this is still the same as other idle games! You said it was original! I didn’t come to the original part yet! However, buying business is not so ideal as you might thing, because there is a risk of failing!

Huh? Well, when you buy your first business, it gets a random grade from F to C, F being the worst, while C the best. What are grades for? Well, a grade is used to determine how profitable your business is. F and E grades even lose you valuable Pixoos, so be careful. When the grade is D, the profit is 0, meaning you don’t earn anything, while grades from C to A are profitable businesses.

Wasting Pixoos I earned to lose even more Pixoos… How stupid! Watch your words and let me finish! Businesses can be upgraded, meaning that their grades will get increased also! However, upgrades are not so cheap, so make sure you have some extra Pixoos to spare just in case!

But what if I don’t have enough for a business upgrade and I am losing money from that business? Well, if that is the case, you can reset your game and start over. Just kidding! You can always sell your business and rebuild it over. You will again get the random grade.

Okay, something original, I see! Is there anything else that is different? Yes indeed! Firstly, businesses take certain amount of time get built! The better the business, higher build time.

But don’t be sad, the game is building, earning and doing everything even when you are offline!

Also, probably the biggest change, businesses don’t increase in price! Your hot-dog stand will always cost the same, no matter if you have 3 or 300! Also, bigger quantity of the same business you built will make your workers more efficient, meaning that the building time will get significantly reduced!

Okay I am getting interested! Was that all or? Hahaha, you are funny! This wasn’t even the beginning! I could talk all day long about the stuff you should, might, could do, but let’s keep it simple. Here are some of the other features:

  • Pixelhand has a full day-night and year cycle! Meaning that when the time in game is 3 AM, it will be night, with shiny stars and moon!
  • Pixelhand has temperature display which determines weather! When it’s below 0°C, it will snow. When it is above 0°C, it can rain. If you are lucky, you might even get to see the rainbow!
  • Pixelhand spawns random clouds, birds, planes and trains in the background to keep the scene alive and moving!
  • Pixelhand uses a system which randomly generates walking people on the street which will NEVER be the same.
  • Pixelhand features a friends system. You can make friends by clicking on random walking people and trying to befriend them. Not everyone will want to be your friend however!
  • Pixelhand has a banking system; you can take loans from the bank, or you can save money!
  • Pixelhand has a gambling section; choose from the three games: “Fifty-fifty”, “Rising wealth” and “Lotto”. Lotto numbers get randomly selected every game day in 12 AM. Is today your lucky day?
  • Pixelhand has a health system; take care of your hunger, thirst, sleep, hygiene and workout in order to prevent disease. Disease is actually really bad. If you don’t care about your character, it will get taken to a hospital where you won’t be able to play until you fully cure. It also features the mental state of your character.
  • Pixelhand has fully customizable character creation! If you want to change your beard, you visit the barber! If you want to change clothes, visit the clothes shop. Also, ANY item can be colored in any of 16 million RGB colors you choose! Pink beard and black sneakers? You got it!
  • Pixelhand has a residential section where you can buy houses which increase your respect!
  • Pixelhand features “Capability” section – the more you do a certain thing, the better it will get (example: befriending more people will increase your social intelligence which will make befriending even easier!)
  • Pixelhand features a new variable “PPSPD” – PPS per day. It can be obtained by hiring your friends to your businesses. It will generate PPS every game day and even offline!
  • Pixelhand has a daily rewards spin-the-wheel system which rewards you with premium currency Pixoomonds!
  • Pixelhand has a research section; invest Pixoos in upgrades that will make your earning, healing or saving money easier! Upgrades take time to get researched!
  • Pixelhand has a mailbox system which will notify you when you business has finished building, research researched or any other important information you might want to hear!
  • Pixelhand features an achievement system with currently 42 achievements, from which 3 are rare secrets!
  • There are some more things that haven’t been covered here yet. I certainly hope you will like the game as I’ve put a lot of time into making it.

    … and that’s everything. We hope you enjoy this fantastic incremental game and be sure to check out the creator’s subreddit (links above).

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