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Download Idle Games & Play Them Offline


We’ve put all of the idle games we have on the list* into a private Dropbox folder that can be accessed at your leisure. You can download them and play them offline, straight in your browser.

Now you’ve found idleHUB, you’ll always have an idle game to play, even with no internet.

*Well, as many as we’ve uploaded so far. We’re slowly updating the folder so keep an eye out!

Download and play now ->

Click to gain access to a private Dropbox folder with the current idle games available to download. You can see which games you have access to on the games list. Once you’ve completed an offer you’ll never have to complete another one. You can save the Dropbox link to your bookmarks to go to at your leisure.


We have made our instructions as simple as possible; the whole process is very easy and doesn’t take long.

Along with each step are screenshots to help assist you.

What are the benefits of downloadable clicker/idle/incremental games?

There are a few benefits of downloading idle games – and the process is so simple.

  • No loading times when you want to play it again – simply open in your browser and play.
  • Great for putting idle games on a memory stick and bringing to school or work and getting past those annoying filters.
  • When your internet goes down, just load the game into your browser and play games until your internet comes back on.


1: Go to the game you want to download

Visit our extremely comprehensive list of idle games, clickers and incremental games.

Pick the game you wish to download and press ‘Download game’ to the right of it.

(4th May 2015: Currently under development and as such there are only a few games available to download. More to be added gradually.)

Download Idle Games - Step 1: Choose & Download

2: Click download and complete a quick offer

Download Blob idle gameThe next step is to click the download button.

Download Idle Games - Step 2: Complete OfferClick one of the offers and complete it – it doesn’t take long, I promise.

Q: What is a .swf file?
A: SWF is the format that flash games are created in. This is compatible with your browser and is virus-free.

Q: Why do I have to complete an offer?
A: This is to verify you are a human and not a spam bot. Completing an offer grants you access to the file – which means once you’ve downloaded it, it’s on your computer forever. You won’t have to fill out another one (1 survey per game). Download idle games and gain access to the list only once and save the link for the future.

3: Download the file and run in browser

Firstly, click the name of the file (in this case: blob.swf) and download the game. Open the folder where you’ve downloaded the game to, drag it into your browser (or right click and press open with and choose your browser) and voila! You can now play the game in your browser, even without an internet connection.

Download Idle Games - Step 3: Download & Drag to Browser

We recommend that you create a folder on your computer dedicated to idle games. This is great because when you open the game in your browser you can bookmark that page and go to it whenever, directly from your bookmark toolbar.


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