Fuel Your Idle Game Addiction In 2017

Most Addictive Idle Games To Play In 2017

If you’ve missed the clicker craze from last year, don’t feel bad, you have plenty of time to catch-up, get lost, and get addicted to the action. Idle games are great for occupying your time, but the really good ones will hook you in and quickly turn into a hobby. They’re more than just clicking rapidly, some idle games tell stories like the big console games, only with a more subtle approach. You’ll need to work for those badges, levels, and upgrades, but idle games are very satisfying to play. Here are the most addictive games you should play:

Learn to Fly Idle

Never judge an idle game by its cover, there’s a lot of action that can happen in these games. Learn to Fly is an incremental game that allows you to incrementally shoot penguins farther and farther out of a cannon. Unlike other idle games, this one requires precision and skill, as well as patience, so you can’t just check some boxes and leave your browser tab open while you progress.

Click to play Learn To Fly Idle online

Tap Titans 1 & Tap Titans 2

If you’re looking for a bit more story-driven gameplay, Tap Titan Heroes is part RPG and part clicker. Instead of clicking buttons idly, your clicks control your hero’s attacks. While not your typical idle game, it does allow for breaks in-between the hectic action on the screen. Your battles earn you gold to hack and slash even harder and faster. Tap Titan Heroes also incorporates tilt motion controlling, making it a fun game to play on mobile devices, as well.

Download Tap Titans 1 (Android) | Download Tap Titans 1 (iOS)
Download Tap Titans 2 (Android) | Download Tap Titans 2 (iOS)

Clicker Heroes

This next idle game is great because it combines different genres together, action, adventure, and strategy, as you move your character along, defeating monsters. This one is a bit more passive than our previous clicker game, as your band of Clicker Heroes can fend for themselves after you’ve built up a strong enough team. It’s fun opening up new unique heroes and seeing Greek Gods battle alongside Egyptian and other historical heroes. It’s also a very nice-looking game. Highly recommended for novices!

Play Clicker Heroes online | Get Clicker Heroes (Android) | Get Clicker Heroes (iOS)

Time Clickers

We end our list with another great idle game that puts you in the perspective of a first person shooter. Time Clicker uses your clicks to kill bad guys, upgrade weaponry, and build a team of elite shooters to maximize your damage. The game keeps things fresh by constantly providing a new and powerful upgrade to shoot for, as well as active Power-Ups on the field to turn the tables on the enemy. What makes this clicker game so addictive is the aesthetics and unique perspective. It will leave you wishing that your favorite first person shooters had this much customization and depth of upgrades.

Play Time Clickers online | Get Time Clickers (Android) | Get Time Clickers (iOS)

We left out the original most addictive idle game from our list, Cookie Clicker, but it definitely holds its own pretty well after all of this time. If you still haven’t played it, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Cookies are delicious, so they must be harvested!

Got an idle game you’d like to add to our idle games list? Get in touch – info@idle.org.uk

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